Welcome to the
International & American Student Alliance (IASA)
at the University of Mississippi

International Students

American Students

We're here to help you connect with American and other International students at Ole Miss, as well as to help you improve your English skills and cultural awareness.
We're here to help you connect with people from around the world to build global friendships, as well as to help them with English skills and adjusting to life in Oxford.
IASA Provides
  1. International Neighbors
    International Neighbors
    International Students are paired with families from the Oxford/local community
  2. English/Culture Clusters
    English/Culture Clusters
    Free non-credit English/Culture classes open to all Internationals
  3. Int. Student Council
    Int. Student Council
  4. Cook, Eat, Share
    Cook, Eat, Share
    Learn more about the world and its various countries/cultures through a meal together
  5. Speak International
    Speak International
    Share world cultures through one speech at a time
  6. Social Events
    Social Events
  7. Cross-Cultural Events
    Cross-Cultural Events
  8. Serving LOU
    Serving LOU
    People from around the world coming together to serve the LOU community